President’s Message

Welcome to our Website:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Rayville Rosenwald/Eula D. Britton Alumni Association, welcome to our website as we share information about our past as well as current and upcoming events.  We are proud to continue the legacy started so many years ago to preserve our school’s legacy. “The Gym” is the last tangible evidence of our school’s great history and it is our duty to preserve it. The history of our excellent school must always be remembered, cherished, and preserved.

Our board members are proud to follow in the footsteps of those who took the leadership to organize the Alumni Association. Through the leadership of the past presidents: Mr. Willie Larkin, Jr., Mrs. Susie Lewis, Mrs. Wilma Hill, Mr. John Lancaster and Elder Ira Bradley, Jr., “The Gym” has been established as the Alumni Center.  We are grateful to individual classes and individual schoolmates who have given their time, talent, and monetary resources to implement the vision of this Association and have carried out the tasks necessary for the preservation of “The Gym.” Major renovations have occurred over many years to maintain, upgrade, and preserve the building. From the vision of Quincy Mason and the class of 1960, “The Gym” has been transformed into a museum of history of Rayville Rosenwald-Eula D. Britton High School.  In addition to preserving our heritage, it has become a focal point in the community.

I wish to thank Samuel Donald for his inspiration and vision for this website, assisted by Quincy Mason with the implementation, as well Nelson Woods and Wanda Broussard as administrators. We appreciate the schoolmates who have provided information and documents.  As this is a work in progress as we welcome other historical documents from all classes.

The Board is also grateful to everyone who pay dues, give additional donations, and assist with fundraising to move the Association forward.   The funds we receive are used for preservation and enhancements of the building.  We are appreciative to all of you who assisted in making these enhancements a reality.

Please browse our website and consider donating to assist us in keeping out history alive. We are a 501(c) 3 organization, and all dues and donations are tax-deductive to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Elaine Elder Coleman

Board President 2016 – Present

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